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Aug 5, 2009 6:00pm EDT
united states but he added america has the means to figure out they were heading this way. on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >>> speaking of russ, did you see vladimir putin going shirtless again during a super vacation in siberia, riding horseback. not the first time he stripped down for the cameras. this is the latest in a long line of his shirtless photo opens. remember when he shot the tiger? he posed for cameras then, too. >>> are you thinking about asking your boss a raise? something that may give you more confidence coming up next. >>> you don't hear about this too often. a local woman out walking her dog in the city attacked by a snake. >>> first, tony soprano on the big screen? the buzz has been building since the finale. ♪ doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. (announcer) trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, lowering your cholesterol is a non-challenge. get your free sample online at this is really good! >>> not something you expect to see. a d.c
Aug 21, 2009 6:00pm EDT
economic revival in america. >> deeds and mcdonnell will face off at the polls november 3rd. >>> now to a health care food fight. brewing over whole foods. not the prices or the products. it's over something the ceo said and the whole thing is prompting a whole foods boycott. laura evans is here with that story. >> reporter: whole foods ceo john mackey is known for shooting from the hip, but he may have shot himself in the foot. the problem is getting too personal on the public issue of health care reform. he recently wet an anti- government co-op ad in the wall street journal and some are taking their beef from the grocery aisles to the web. thousands have signed up on facebook to boycott the grocer. >> we were dismayed when we found out the who foods corporation not only opposed the brohm health care reform but the ceo said, and i quote, americans have no intensic right to health care, food or shelter. >> our ceo made a comment about health care and there is a lot of different points of view out there. we respect those points of view. but hopefully many will see that he we have a -
Aug 26, 2009 6:00pm EDT
anyone in america has come to at. it's quiet and full of mementos, marking his 46-year career. during that time, kennedy went from jfk's little brother to the senate's last liberal lion. proof of how big an impact he made. he was behind more than 2500 bills during his time in washington, 300 enacted into law. tom fit gerald has more on his legacy. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine when he first entered in 1962 as a 30-year-old, words like inexperience and neofight were used to describe him. -- neophyte describe him. his death is at the center of a fiery debate. >> this is the cause of my life. >> reporter: for senator kennedy, healthcare reform was more than an issue. >> we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american north, south, east, west, young, old, will have -- [ indiscernible ] and quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> reporter: it was a battle he waged for more than 40 years. >> i said it in 1980, i say it in 1982 and i will continue to say it until it comes true. >> his interest in healthcare p predated his career. >> he got sensi
Aug 10, 2009 6:00pm EDT
protesting today, the maryland health care for america. baltimore republican party, americans for pros peck perty and the maryland taxpayers association are a few of the groups out here. in a few minutes senator card listen address the media and the meeting will start. things are heated out here right now and will continue to be heated throughout the rest of the knight. everody wants to get their point across on this matter. it has been hot all over the country. very controversial and will be the same here and looks like the same tonight here at towson university. >>> coming up next at 6:00, the flyover that struck fear in new yorkers hearts why the pentagon was following the fallout on twitter. >>> dozens of airline passengers forced to spend the night on the tarmac. wait until you hear this horror story. we'll be right back. mia, the pe... and r personal panormous pizza. e big eat tiny pce menu. only at pizza hut. - woh, nice! that's a lot of food! now get big meals liker s, pizza mia,he p'zone... the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. >>> remember the infamous fly over of t
Aug 14, 2009 6:00pm EDT
twittered from what you think. one response? the most hated team in america needed the most hated player and they go together. this person writes vick shouldn't be allowed back and deserves zero respect and zero second chances. he didn't give the dog a chance at all. many of you believe in redemption like sean sweet saying felons deserve a second chance, too. kudos to the eagles and the coach reid. h0c >> a funeral procession to remember eunice kennedy shriver, led by special olympians carrying the torch ahead of the casket. thousands of people lined the streets outside of the cape cod church where the funeral mass was held. she died tuesday at age 88. shriver's daughter maria and her husband were among the relatives who carried the casket into the church. >>> president barack obama headed west to sell his plan for health care reform. the polls show the support for the overhaul slipping. craig bosswell has the latest on the healthcare battle. >> reporter: barack obama -- president obama takes aim at a town hall in montana. >> they won't be able to arbitrate on the amount of coverage you
Aug 24, 2009 6:00pm EDT
the employees to criminal charges. >> america will have a justice department that is truly dedicated to exactly that, justice. >> reporter: the administration also announced on monday it was moving responsibility for detainee questioning from the cia to the fbi. >> the president used that intelligence gathering and he feels it is best left to the intelligence commune and this is the way the intelligence community can best operate. >> reporter: both moves are expected to launch a fresh wave of criticism by former bush administration officials like former vice president dick cheney who has defended the interrogators ' methods. >> i value information obtained from intergain and in which those methods were used and provided a deeper understanding of the al-qaeda organization that was attacking this country. >> reporter: justice department officials say that prosecutor john durham has been chosen to lead the alleged cia abuse cases he is a career justice department official. an announcement is expected later week. >> thank you. >>> now to the news edge on dc, pencils, notebooks and face m
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6